Monday, February 27, 2012

Prerequisite skills for .Net “Train and Hire” program

Please find below the prerequisite skills for .Net “Train and Hire” program
Strong knowledge in Object Oriented Programming Concepts (OOP’s) ,please find below the list of OOP’s concepts
1)      Technical skills
A)     What is Object ?
B)      What is Class?
C)      Properties of OOPs like Inheritance ,polymorphism, Encapsulation , Abstract ,Multi thread
D)     Access Specifers
E)      Abstract Class
F)      Interfaces
G)     Over loading concepts
H)     Arrays
I)        Data types
J)       SQL and Database Concepts
2)      Bachelors/Masters in Computer Science –Must for OPT/F1 Students  
If you are good in above concepts then we can consider you for above Train and Hire program ,it doesn’t matter if you are recent graduate or not as long as have good knowledge in above skills
      3)  You must be open for relocating to Sterling, VA for training program for 6-12 weeks- Free Accommodation provided to all outstation trainees at our training facility –Separate Guest house for ladies 
       4)  You should give at least three prefer Cities / States/Locations to work  – After completion of training 

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