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Senate Immigration Reform Act of 2013

Outline of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013

H-1B Visa Reform
 We will raise the base cap of 65,000 to 110,000 (we amend the current 20,000 exemption forU.S. advanced degree holders to be a 25,000 exemption for advanced degree graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics from U.S. Schools).In future years, the cap can go as high as 180,000. The cap will increase/decrease in the following way:
a. It will be based on two factors plugged into one formula known as the “High
Skilled Jobs Demand Index” (with each factor weighed at 50%):
i. The percentage by which cap-subject nonimmigrant visa petitions
approved under section 101(a)(15)(H)(i)(b) for a fiscal year exceeds/fails
to meet the cap (50%)
ii. The inverse of the percentage increase/decrease between the previous
fiscal year and the current fiscal year in the number of unemployed
persons in the “management, professional, and related occupations
category” of BLS data (50%).
b. The most the cap can increase/decrease by each year is 10,000 visas.· We prevent H-1B workers from undercutting the wages paid to American workers by
requiring employers to pay significantly higher wages for H-1B workers than under current law (and to first advertise the jobs to American workers at this higher wage before hiring an H-1B worker). We will provide spouses of H-1B workers with work authorization if the sending country of the worker provides reciprocal treatment to spouses of U.S. workers.
· We will establish a 60-day transition period for H-1B workers to change jobs.
 We will provide dual intent visas for all students who come here on bachelor’s degree programs or above.
· We crack down on abusers of the H-1B system by requiring “H-1B dependent employers” to
pay significantly higher wages and fees than normal users of the program.
· If the employer has 50 or more employees, and more than 30% but less than 50% are H-
1B or L-1 employees (who do not have a green card petition pending), the employer must
pay a $5,000 fee per additional worker in either of these two statuses.
· If the employer has 50 or more employees, and more than 50% are H-1B or L-1
employees (who do not have a green card petition pending), the employer must pay a
$10,000 fee per additional worker in either of these two statuses.
· We will also crack down on the use of the H-1B and L visas to outsource American jobs
by prohibiting companies whose U.S. workforce largely consists of foreign guest workers
from obtaining additional H-1B and L visas.
· In Fiscal Year 2014, companies will be banned from bringing in any additional workers if
more than 75% of their workers are H-1B or L-1 employees.
· In Fiscal Year 2015, the ban applies to companies if more than 65% of their workforce
are H-1B and L-1 workers. In Fiscal Year 2016, the ban moves to 50%
· We require recruiting of American workers prior to hiring an H-1B nonimmigrant. The
Secretary of Labor must establish a searchable website for posting H1B positions. The site
must be operational and online within 90 days of the passage of the new law. We require
employers to post a detailed job opening on the Department of Labor's website for at least 30
calendar days before hiring an H1B applicant to fill that position.
· We bar employers from recruiting or giving preference to H-1B or OPT workers over
American workers.
· We establish significant new authorities and penalties to prevent, detect, and deter fraud and
abuse of the H-1B and L-1 visa systems by fraudulent employers.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pre Requisite Skills to Build IT Career -Software Engineer

Building Software is one of the complex process as there  are people ,process ,practices and methodologies are involved and people with different roles and responsibilities are connected to different Levels of the process ,please find below important Roles played by different people connected with development of software /Application life cycle
1)      Architect – Functional and technical
2)      Business Analyst –three important roles, gathering Requirements ,works closely with End Users ,Subject matter Expert and Project Manager and other Stack holders
3)      Quality Analyst –Testers –Functional and non Functional Requirements  -Tester’s role is one of the most role and everybody does  bit of Testing at their Levels
4)       Application Developer – Component and Module Developer – UI Designers
5)       DBA’s and  ETL Developer – ETL Analyst 

please find below the list of very fundamental Pre Requisite Skills one should be strong enough to get into any of the above ROLES

1)      SDLC Concepts – Various Methodologies
2)      Best Practices available for various processes- Currently there 63 Processes directly or indirectly involved in software Development process so learn those BEST Practices – ITIL ,CMM, PRINCE 2 ,Six Sigma and Agile and ISO ETC
3)      Any Object Oriented Programming Language Concepts
a)      Objects ,Class ,Language Keywords , and Naming Standards
b)      Encapsulation ,Polymorphism , Abstraction and Inheritance –Four Important Features
c)       Interfaces and Control Statements
d)      Multi threaded Concepts
e)      JDBC and Design Patterns ,MVC and Web Services
4)      Database Concepts – Tables,Rows and Columns ,Query Lanaguage –DDL ,DTL, DML etc
5)      Brief understanding on other roles I,e QA ,BA, PM, Developers and Analyst, End users  and how they are connected during software development life cycle
6)      Application Management Tools and Version Control Tools and all other Important Tools –ANT  ,

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Now Hiring : Recent Computer Science Graduate Students -Atlanta ,GA

Systel Inc is ITSM and Technology Solution provider based out of Atlanta, GA USA is looking for Recent Stem Graduate / F1 /OPT Graduate for C#.NET developer position with a strong background in Software Engineering, Computer Science, MIS, and other Engineering Microsoft technology stack
C#.Net - Web Developer “Train and Hire” Program April 23th 2013

JAVA/J2EE Developer “Train and Hire” program April 25st 2013

Job Title: Java /J2EE Developer- Component and Module Programmer
Location: Columbus, OH
Duration: 12-18 Months
The Junior Java Developer position will become a member of the Application Development team. In this role, the Junior Java Developer will be working with developers, business analysts, client SMEs, and other project team members. He/she will participate in development of the project’s application throughout its lifecycle including new development and resolution of system defects.

♦        Hands-on experience developing, coding, debugging and testing Java-based applications
♦        Hands-on experience on jQuery and similar JavaScript/AJAX libraries
♦        Proven experience building Java-based web solutions for highly available and scalable systems
♦        Strong experience developing enterprise Java solutions following standard/best practices including SDLC, OOAD and design patterns
♦        Hands-on experience in web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML,Flec, AJAX including frameworks like Struts, Spring and JSF
♦        In-depth knowledge of the J2EE component architecture
♦        Proven experience using ORM tools like JPA, Hibernate or EclipseLink
♦        Hands-on experience developing Web Services / RESTful services
♦        In-depth knowledge of Relational Database Management Systems including knowledge of data modeling concepts, ERD design and development. Extensive experience working with Oracle databases
♦        Experience delivering Content Management Solutions
♦        Working knowledge of software version control concepts and change management processes.
♦        Financial Service Experience preferred
♦        Experience with Cognos BI Reporting or similar and integrating it into the Portal framework

Please note that all the programs are full-time Contract positions. Again, the training is provided free (no hidden stuff) and Free Accommodation (during training) is also given to each individual. It is mandatory that all the selected persons must relocate or must commute everyday to our Training Facility located at Atlanta, GA, USA to attend training with placement
Please refer F1 students/ Prospective OPT Candidates/GC’s who don’t have any real time work experience in  Informatica /java/Dot Net programming  as they can be consider under “ Train and Hire” program  For more information please visit below link :
Vijay Paul
Resource Manager
SYSTEL INC | Atlanta, GA
Direct: +1-678-250-9830