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Pre Requisite Skills to Build IT Career -Software Engineer

Building Software is one of the complex process as there  are people ,process ,practices and methodologies are involved and people with different roles and responsibilities are connected to different Levels of the process ,please find below important Roles played by different people connected with development of software /Application life cycle
1)      Architect – Functional and technical
2)      Business Analyst –three important roles, gathering Requirements ,works closely with End Users ,Subject matter Expert and Project Manager and other Stack holders
3)      Quality Analyst –Testers –Functional and non Functional Requirements  -Tester’s role is one of the most role and everybody does  bit of Testing at their Levels
4)       Application Developer – Component and Module Developer – UI Designers
5)       DBA’s and  ETL Developer – ETL Analyst 

please find below the list of very fundamental Pre Requisite Skills one should be strong enough to get into any of the above ROLES

1)      SDLC Concepts – Various Methodologies
2)      Best Practices available for various processes- Currently there 63 Processes directly or indirectly involved in software Development process so learn those BEST Practices – ITIL ,CMM, PRINCE 2 ,Six Sigma and Agile and ISO ETC
3)      Any Object Oriented Programming Language Concepts
a)      Objects ,Class ,Language Keywords , and Naming Standards
b)      Encapsulation ,Polymorphism , Abstraction and Inheritance –Four Important Features
c)       Interfaces and Control Statements
d)      Multi threaded Concepts
e)      JDBC and Design Patterns ,MVC and Web Services
4)      Database Concepts – Tables,Rows and Columns ,Query Lanaguage –DDL ,DTL, DML etc
5)      Brief understanding on other roles I,e QA ,BA, PM, Developers and Analyst, End users  and how they are connected during software development life cycle
6)      Application Management Tools and Version Control Tools and all other Important Tools –ANT  ,

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