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Difference Between Part Time and Full Time CPT-Curriculum pratical Training

There are two types of CPT 1) Part time CPT 2) Full time CPT

Constraints with Part time CPT

1)      Can’t work more than 20 hours in a week

2)      Within campus Area – or 20 miles radius of campus –cannot relocate to beyond 30 miles radius (mostly  School Decides the Limit for relocation of Candidate to different Location)

3)      The job duration should not be more than 4-6 months

Since with above three constraints it is highly not possible for IT Consulting firms to get projects to CPT Students for 20 hours in a week that too only for 4-6 months again top of that Client Location should be within 20-30 miles School Radius

Why Most of IT Consulting firms NOT Considering PART TIME CPT  Students ?

Since MOST IT Consulting firms can mostly provide 40 hours work in a week over a period of 8-9 months

Constraints with Full time CPT :

1)      must have finished 50% of course I,e 1 year of education

2)      some schools they don’t have allow the employment  beyond 60 miles radius –again it depends to schools to schools – some schools  allow 150- 200 miles

3)      some schools allows 40 hours work but makes mandatory to attend  school two days in a week – most Full time CPT Students fulfills this constraint  by attending evening classes  after finishing the work at client place

so with all above constraints if IT Consulting Firms  want to consider CPT Student than they should  can consider full time CPT Student only and they should  have to get CPT Student  project near his/her school so that he/she can attend the school twice in a week in the evening  and at the same time can complete 40 hours of work in a week and also two session at school

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